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This web site is devoted to Alabama workers' compensation claims.  However, I am licensed to practice law in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and the District of Columbia and my partners and I handle personal injury cases just about anywhere.

We primarily focus our practice on helping people throughout the Southeastern United States with a variety of personal injury claims including car wrecks, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents, premises liability or slip and fall accidents, dog bite incidents, Social Security disability claims, insurance disputes, fraud cases and of course, workers' compensation claims.

Contact Tracy W. Cary at Morris, Cary, Andrews, Talmadge & Driggers, LLC for more information about these types of claims.

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Myth: If you speak to the insurance company or write a letter explaining your case and are reasonable, you will get a reasonable response that “pays” you what you deserve.

Myth: All lawyers who advertise that they handle workers’ compensation cases have the same ability, tools and experience to handle your case.

Myth: The paperwork you need to file is simple and the law is easy to understand.

Myth: Most compensation claims are made up or fraudulent and people would rather be on compensation and “milk” the system instead of working.

Myth: Your employer will make sure you get the benefits you deserve quickly and keep your job open for your return.

Myth: The doctor they send you to will not be infiuenced by the fact that your treatment is being paid for by your employer’s insurance company.

Read more myths in Tracy's new book: The Injured Worker's Survival Guide.

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We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your legal situation. Call us today at 1-800-638-3665 or 334-702-0000.

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